Cooking a REAL Italian Pizza At Home – Full Guide

Content credit to Action Lock in Perth. Everyone loves pizza, and who doesn’t, is because he has something wrong with his mind. Because, damn it, who doesn’t love pizza? It has to be one of the most delicious dishes out there, and again it’s brought by what we believe to be the best cuisine in the world: Italian cuisine. If you want to learn how to prepare an authentic Italian pizza right at your home, then you should keep reading this informative and engaging post, because you are going to discover many things and finally learn how to cook your own delicious pizza.

Italian pizza


Just like always, you have to make sure your ingredients are top-notch and always fresh. You can’t afford to have ingredients which are not fresh – you must avoid it at all costs. You need to solely cook with fresh ingredients – period!

Here you have the lists of ingredients you are going to need:

For the pasta:

  1. 2 lb of flour
  2. 1 oz of fresh yeast
  3. 1 ½ cup of water
  4. ¼ oz of salt


  1. Half cup of olive oil
  2. 1lb of mozzarella cheese or your preferred cheese. In fact, you can even use a mix of different cheeses. I like to combine mozzarella with a topping of parmesano + gouda – it’s simple delicious!
  3. 1 lb of tomato sauce
  4. Basil
  5. Salt (to taste)

These are the ingredients you are going to need. Make sure you prepare your own tomato sauce, and for this you can find in our website one of our articles which teaches you how to prepare your own natural and original Italian tomato sauce.

Now that you have understood the importance of fresh ingredients, and have in your hands now the list of ingredients, it’s time to check the procedure.

How To Make It:

  1. First you will have to prepare the pasta. For this you will need to work on a wooden surface, and work with the flour till it shapes itself into a well. Now it’s time to bring the egg yeast, water (make it warm) and salt right into the center of the flour.
  2. Now you will have to knead the dough. Be aware that this will require at least 15 minutes.
  3. Now that you have the dough ready to go, you should protect it in a plastic bowl and let it rise for 4 hours approx.
  4. Your dough should have increased its size, now it’s time to cut it into exactly 6 loaves. You have to protect these loaves as well, and let them arise for around 2 hours.
  5. Once the loaves are ready to go, it’s time to prepare the pizza. You should knead the dough and model it till adopts the shape of a typical pizza. Then you only have to bring in the tomato sauce, properly prepare with salt and olive oil, and then spread it. Finally add the cheese and take it to the oven at 480° F for 8 minutes.

And voila! Here you have your delicious Italian pizza – Enjoy!

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How To Prepare a Delicious Italian Tomato Sauce

authentic italian tomatoes sauce

Italian food is simply delicious – there is no doubt about it. If you want to learn how to prepare a classic, delicious and even elegant Italian tomato sauce, then we are going to teach you exactly this. You can use this delicious tomato sauce to prepare pizza, lasagna, cannelloni and a lot more. You can use this sauce for virtually any Italian food, including ravioli and a lot more.

The Ingredients:

What you have to understand is that in order to prepare a delicious Italian tomato sauce, you will need to have fresh ingredients – don’t you dare to use already-prepared tomato sauce! You should avoid canned pre-sauces like the plague! If you want to enjoy the real taste and magic brought by a real Italian tomato sauce, then you need to prepare everything from scratch by using solely fresh ingredients – there is no other way around this.

And here you have our list of ingredients you will need in order to prepare this delicious sauce:

  1. 2 cloves of garlic properly minced
  2. 1 ½ tablespoons of olive oil
  3. 1 tablespoon of butter (no salt)
  4. 1 little sprig of basil – the fresher the better!
  5. 1/2 teaspoon of coarse salt
  6. 1 28-ounce fresh tomatoes, properly mixed in a blender
  7. 1/8 of red pepper flakes (remember to crush them)

As we have said before: only use fresh ingredients. Here you have this list which is quite short and solely composed by easy-to-get ingredients. Of course, this is the basic tomato sauce, but stay tuned because we will release other recipes in the upcoming posts.

Now you have these ingredients in your hands finally, now it’s time to transform these ingredients like an alchemist would do – but in this case you are the alchemist, and are going to turn these simple ingredients into a magnificent tomato sauce, which is going to be the real analogy to the Philosopher Stone.

How To Make It:

The first thing you need to do is to grab a medium saucepan and heat it with medium heat – no more and no less than that. Now you have to coat the pan with olive oil, use as much as needed. Notice when the oil is hot, so that you can add instantly the minced garlic along with the red pepper flakes – by now this is the first step to follow.

Now it’s time to let the heat rise, so that you can put into the sauce pan the tomatoes with the salt. Now you have to bring this all to a boil, after that you will have to reduce the heat. After that the unique thing you need to do is to let it simmer for 30 minutes – completely uncovered. At the end, or being more precise at the last 5 minutes, you should add the basil. And just 2 minutes before finishing the sauce, don’t forget to add the butter.

And this is how you prepare a delicious Italian tomato sauce! Enjoy!

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